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Jan 1, 2024 04:12 PM
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Trust & Safety Resources

3 tips for folks looking to break into the Trust & Safety industry:

1. Volunteer at a crisis help line
Trust & Safety work is emotionally difficult. Like, REALLY difficult. Volunteering at a crisis help line is a great way to gain confidence and experience working with these types of issues, and prove to a hiring manager that you have the resilience and maturity to handle them. With the added benefit that you're doing good in the world at the same time.
2. Get involved in community moderation
Reddit and Discord are the two platforms most known for community-moderated groups, but there are plenty of smaller platforms and forums that work on the same model. This is a great way to do some hands-on moderation and see if you enjoy it.
If you do either/ both of these things, be sure to put that experience on your resume!
3. Network and seek mentorship
I wish I had done more of this earlier in my career! T&S is such a relatively new field, that a lot of us are very happy to pay it forward.
Don't just reach out to senior-level people: finding folks who are newer in Trust & Safety can be equally helpful, as they've just been where you are now. Those of us who started in T&S 10+ years ago had a VERY different experience than folks starting today.


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