About Alice

About Alice

I write and talk a lot about Trust & Safety and tech.
  • I’m VP of Trust & Safety and Content Moderation at PartnerHero.
  • If you’re a nerd about EDC and/or mechanical keyboards, check out my Uses This interview.
  • Work experience/ resume is here.

Notable things I’ve done

Articles, podcast interviews, talks at conferences, etc.


  • Was a guest on a LinkedIn Live event on election integrity hosted by Meta’s Oversight Board.


  • I created the “Triangle of Tradeoffs” — platforms need to find the right balance of these three elements that works for their community… you can’t have the ultimate version of all three at the same time.
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  • Speaker at the Global Dating Insights conference: Balancing User Experience and Safety while Keeping the Integrity of the Platform’s Policy, with Matthew Soeth.
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  • Preventing and Reacting to Burnout - mental health for Trust & Safety professionals - blog post and podcast episode, Trust in Tech.
  • Spoke at Lesbians Who Tech conference, “"Machine Learning for Good: A Nuanced Approach to Using ML to Combat Hate in Online Forums”
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  • Took Grindr public at the New York Stock Exchange!
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  • Best Practices for Gender-Inclusive Content Moderation, with Lily Galib and Vanity Brown. A report that I’m really proud of, that has actionable tips for operations and product in designing and maintaining inclusive spaces for users.
  • Spoke at Lesbians who Tech conference about strategies and best practices for creating thoughtful, equitable, and inclusive moderation policies and practices with gender inclusion in mind.
  • Spoke at the Safety Matters Summit on Building and maintaining inclusive platforms.



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