Dark Patterns and Photography w/ Caroline Sinders — Trust in Tech podcast

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Jan 17, 2024 05:18 PM
Caroline Sinders is a ML design researcher, online harassment expert, and artist. We chat about common dark tech patterns, how to prevent them in your company, a novel way to think about your career and how photography is related to generative AI.
Sinders has previosly worked with Facebook, Amnesty International, Intel, IBM Watson, the Wikimedia Foundation,
We answer the following questions on today’s show:
1. What are dark tech patterns… and how to prevent them?
2. How to navigate multi stakeholder groups to prevent baking in these dark patterns?
3. What is a public person?
4.. What is a framework to approach data visualization?
5. How is photography an analogue to generative AI?
This episode goes in lots of directions to cover Caroline’s varied interests - hope you enjoy it!
Music by Zhao Shen.
Special thanks to the staff and members of the Integrity Institute for their continued support.