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Dec 31, 2024 08:45 PM
Welcome to the Trust & Safety Library! We use this space to collect articles, blog posts, journal articles, lectures, podcasts, and websites that trust and safety professionals may find useful in developing policies, supporting moderators, building systems to detect violations, and generally deepening their practice. We welcome your submissions and feedback.
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Online governance

This section is devoted to resources related to online governance, including examples of community guidelines and ad policies, related academic studies, recommendations from civil society organizations, and tools and reports focussed on government policy and regulations.
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Policy topics

Resources about policy topics range from books to journal articles to examples to reports to websites–all in service of providing background information about a range of policy topics, including but not limited to: ad brands safety, hate speech, extremism, harassment, child exploitation, platform manipulation, mis/disinformation, state actors, adult content, and intellectual property.
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Professional health and development

This section includes resources T&S professionals may find valuable for learning more about and advocating for professional health and development. For example, studies and reports about interventions that can best support content moderators, toolkits and trainings related to individual privacy and psychological well-being, and stories that feature the T&S professional experience.
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T&S in practice

Resources in this category center the voices and experiences of T&S practitioners. This section includes videos of conference presentations, academic research about content moderators, toolkits and reports, blog posts written by T&S professionals, and podcasts featuring interviews with T&S leaders.
This project was initially led by Eric Davis and the TSPA Resource Development Working Group, with special thanks to Paul M. Barrett, Eric Goldman, and Danielle Leong.