Mental Health and Burnout for T&S professionals

Dec 31, 2024 09:34 PM
Mindfulness practices for work
These practices come from Katie Morrow, my mother, who is a meditation teacher and total genius (in my totally unbiased opinion!). Let me know if they help you!
1. Two Feet, One Breath
Two Feet: Let yourself feel your feet on the floor and the weight of you going down.
One Breath: Pay as close attention as you can to the full duration of a single breath.
Go back to whatever you were doing (or, if you like, you can continue the practice for a few more breaths).
2. Bathe in Beauty
Look around the environment you are in until you notice something you find beautiful.
(It doesn’t have to be conventionally beautiful or grand, maybe it is just a color or the quality of light or the sound of leaves rustling.)
Spend a few moments enjoying it, appreciating it, soaking it in. Play with the idea that this beauty could permeate you.
When you are ready, go back to whatever else you need to do.