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Jan 4, 2024 02:46 PM
Focusing on anti-terrorism
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The people dedicated to preventing and countering terrorism are essential to our mission to stop terrorism. Through the Glitterpill Community, we build the resilience and capacity of the people in the sector by providing you with the resources you need to succeed.
Join the Glitterpill Community to get access to:
  • Our Discord server
  • Peer support and professional resources tied to your field of expertise
  • Resources to address secondary trauma and the impact of working in CT/CVE
  • Early access to insights and information from Glitterpill
  • Access to training materials and office hours with leading experts in the field
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Professional Membership

Join our professional community on Discord to collaborate with others in your field and with members of the Glitterpill team, of course!
The community is organized in several channels. Some of these are designed to foster conversation, collaboration, and peer support across the sector as a whole, while others are designed to cater to your chosen profession and specific needs.
Every month
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Social & Wellbeing

This membership tier is designed for those who value relaxation, self-care, and connection with like-minded individuals.
It caters to movie enthusiasts, bookworms, and anyone looking for a comfortable space to unwind.
Members can let go of their professional roles and enjoy the company of peers who understand the challenges of your day-to-day experiences.
Every month
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Archives, Office Hours & Fireside Chats

This membership tier allows affordable direct consultation with Glitterpill professionals during our regular Office Hours and Fireside Chats.
This connection to experienced Glitterpill analysts provides personalized advice tailored to your needs and questions.
Additionally, you'll have access to the Glitterpill archives, which include all past Office Hours, Fireside Chats, and Wellbeing Sessions.
Every month

What’s included

Each Membership contains a unique selection of offerings to suit the needs and budgets of all of those in the counterterrorism field. Learn more about them here.
As a member of the Glitterpill Community, you will have access to a professional community of your choosing. These communities are designed to foster peer-support, learning and collaboration that is tailored and relevant to your work.
Don’t see your profession listed or wondering what’s a good fit? Reach out to a member of the Community team and we will assist you.