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Jan 1, 2024 03:50 PM
Browser-based plugin tools for frontline moderators (free!)
As first responders for the internet, your mental health and wellness matter. If you work in trust & safety, intelligence analysis, or in the broader security field, chances are, you're routinely exposed to some of the world's most horrific content online.
Blurring visual content and taking breaks helps you build resilience at work, while you help keep the internet—and the public—safe.
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Automatically blur content
Build resilience even in the of face the internet's most horrific content.
Make sure you take the much-needed breaks your mind and body deserve.
Prioritize your wellness
Review content safely, knowing there's a barrier in place between you and potentially disturbing material
Take back control
Improve mindfulness
Easily incorporate quiet into your day with guided breathing exercises
Cut out the noise and protect your well being by automatically blurring and graying-out difficult content.