How to Upload Porn to Instagram (404 media)

Users are uploading stolen porn to Instagram with one easy trick, while adult content creators are banned for no reason.
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Users are uploading stolen porn videos to Instagram, bypassing the platform’s draconian anti-sex policies with one simple trick, while legitimate adult content creators are often banned for no reason. 404 Media has seen several explicit videos, lifted from other adult content creators, which have been posted to Instagram months ago and have racked up millions of views. All of these videos use the same method to bypass Instagram’s moderation.
As any number of sex workers and sex educators could tell you, Instagram is one of the most hostile platforms to sexual content on the internet. Instagram will often ban content with sexual themes, sometimes with no clear explanation, even if it doesn’t include explicit images, just because it includes sexual themes. Many adult content creators have complained about this over the years after their posts were deleted and accounts banned.

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