Global Compensation Survey for T&S Professionals

Created time
Jun 28, 2024 05:18 PM
Thank you for your interest in our first ever global compensation survey for trust and safety professionals!
As a professional member association, we want to better understand the global compensation landscape for T&S practitioners so that we can create a resource that will help T&S professionals (like you!) understand the value of their professional expertise, providing context for salary negotiations and career decisions.
This survey closes September 1, 2024.
Note: Participation in this survey is voluntary and open to all trust and safety professionals, regardless of their affiliation with TSPA.


Special thanks to our Compensation Survey Working Group members Stacey Colliver, Kendra Frost, Casey Ladisa, and Kenna Seagrist for sharing their time, experiences, and subject matter expertise. We’d also like to thank Liana Acosta, Reina Iguchi, Jess Kallberg, Ece Ozkan, and Lucia Stacey for their early feedback.