01/29/24 Links for the last Monday Morning of my time off

Jan 29, 2024 04:10 PM
Unfortunately, business investments in Trust & Safety often only come after significant pressure, whether from the public, the press, or the government. After industry-wide layoffs over the last 6 months, we're now seeing mounting pressure to reinvest in two key areas:
Child Safety:
Deepfakes & Sexually Explicit Content:
I'm glad these conversations are happening, and hope that they will result in increased (and sustained!) investment in T&S.
Cinder's Brian Fishman and Lucia Stacey Harris nicely sum up the issue of how to justify and measure T&S work, saying: "Leaders that are used to thinking about risk in terms of customer dangers or real-world harm are often asked to quantify outcomes in terms of dollars saved or produced." Perhaps one reason T&S leaders instinctively focus on real-world harm is because we are also exposed to those dangers ourselves, sometimes in extreme ways.
I've personally been sent (multiple) death threats over the years from disgruntled users who were angry about my decisions, and many colleagues I know in the industry have experienced the same. In last week's episode of the Trust in Tech podcast, Bella and I discuss this. Check out the show notes for some resources on how to protect yourself. I was also recently sent a link to Operation Privacy, which I'm testing out - it's a free site with a self-managed dashboard that helps you remove your presence from the internet if you need to.
More of what I'm reading this week:
  • A thoughtful argument for federated moderation and a platform user's right to choose what they want to pay attention to. And a great panel discussion with Yoel Roth, Jay Graber, and Mike Masnick on "Protocols, not Platforms".
Coming up:
  • February 2nd: TrustCon proposals are due. I’m personally working on a couple, and know of quite a few exciting proposals in the works from friends of mine.
  • February 7th: "Breaking the Silence: Marginalized Tech Workers’ Experiences and Community Solidarity" discussion with Anika Collier Navaroli and Nadah Feteih from Harvard's Berkman Klein Center (on Zoom for the public). The Trust & Safety community is stronger with diversity, but it's critical to ensure that we're not unfairly putting more of a burden on underrepresented and marginalized folks, so this is a discussion I'll be sure to tune into.